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Why There Should Be No Homework In Elementary Schools

School kids go through formative sessions, which help in developing the framework for future. While the high school kids become seasoned in tackling the school curriculum, the raw ones who read in elementary schools still have a long way to go.

Talking of bottlenecks

You need to ensure that they get a perfect environment wherein they can check and assert their growth. They should get enough time to learn and grasp the concept. In this light, the homework acts as a huge bottleneck.

Thus, we feel that assignments should not be part of elementary schools. For starters, it does not make any significant contribution in the development of kids. Secondly, they tend to frustrate kids and don’t let them enjoy their school life. There are many other averting reasons. Here they go

  • - School assignments instill the habit of imitation in kids; something which sticks to them in later life as well. In the quest to offer complete submissions to teachers, they take devious means like copying from classmates or asking elders to do their assignments. This way, they hardly learn anything.
  • - They get minimum time to gel with their family and friends. Now we all know that little kids who read in elementary schools have as much need of playing as they have of studying. Depriving them of the gelling time affects them negatively.
  • - With the compulsion of school assignments, they hardly get any time to study extra. Thus, their inadequacies remain just that. They don’t get time to improve their skills in essay writing or in mathematical problems. They have to adjust the assignments in such a way that it takes priority over other matters.
  • - Kids begin to foster rancor towards assignments and in effect school. They begin to loathe those teachers that are quite open-handed with assignments. Also, the teachers who don’t give too many assignments often complain that kids are not improving in their subjects. The logic is simple; there is no impetus in brushing skills in those subjects.
  • - Kids hardly get any free time between exams. Even their summer holidays are laced with a bucketful of assignments. There is hardly any let-off for them. Since they are still in the formative years, they draw a wrong picture of schools, because of the assignments in hand.

The above-mentioned reasons put the nail at the right spot. It is well-encapsulated and explained that elementary schools should stay clear of homework. Let the kids breathe free.

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