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How To Handle Math Homework: The Complete Walkthrough

If you feel that your math homework is overwhelming you, check out the walkthrough below.

  • - Start with arranging your workplace properly. Collect all the necessary textbooks, manuals, notebooks, etc. Check that your pens and pencils are in working condition.
  • - Read the task and make sure that everything is clear to you. Look through your notes and determine the places that are completely unclear to you.
  • - Remove all of the distracting things. Turn off the TV, Internet, phones, and so on, until the task is done. The only way to get through the math assignment is to get down to it as soon as you can. Some people enjoy listening to music without lyrics.
  • - Read the task carefully and make sure that you know what is requested. It’s especially important if you are solving problems. Without proper understanding of the given data, you might waste a lot of time.
  • - Work on one task at a time. Never disperse your efforts and attention over numerous tasks at once. Deal with one problem and then move on to others.
  • - Praise yourself for success. Have a peppermint lollipop and keep it in your mouth while working. Peppermint chewing gums are also useful and stimulate thinking.
  • - If you cannot cope on your own, ask for help. Find a resource that is dedicated to mathematics and see whether their explanations are clearer than the ones your teachers or parents provide.
  • - Ask your parents or older siblings to check your assignment. A fresh eye will always see mistakes and drawbacks of your homework. It’s also a good idea to turn to help in case you have wasted a lot of time to do the assignment and failed.
  • - Have breaks. Even if you are into coping with the task as soon as possible, have a break to restore energy and brain clarity. If the assignment is big and it takes you more than an hour to finish, have breaks every half hour. The most effective breaks involve exercising and focusing on other things.
  • - If you see that you are stuck and cannot cope with a task, leave it alone until the next day and see how your classmates have handled it.
  • - In case school lectures are not enough for you to understand, ask your teacher to provide you with web addresses of reliable online services that provide reference information on the subject.
  • - From time to time, if you cannot handle the task on your own, you can get in touch with your classmates. Still, it’s very important not to turn the consultation into procrastination.

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