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First Grade Literacy Homework: An Effective Guide

A teacher of young students and certainly any parent of a child who is in their formative years of school will know exactly how important literacy homework is to the child's development. It's the foundation stone for so much of their education to come and of course for their life working in whatever career they choose. All the more reason why the ideal literacy activities must be chosen.

The main consideration of course is the individual. While there are a number of activities which will apply to all students, it's vitally important that the teacher considers the specific needs of each child as an individual. Testing and therefore knowing the weaknesses of the student, enables the teacher in cooperation with the parents to devise a series of literacy homework activities which will give the student a great start in life.

Variety is the spice of life

There are all manner of word games which involve spelling, grammar and punctuation to name but three aspects of the literacy development of every student. This is the beauty of the material available today. It turns learning into a fun and challenging experience. A clever teacher will ensure that the student tackles aspects of literacy which involve the hobbies or interests of the student.

This includes studying words from our vocabulary and our spelling point of view which are associated with a favourite topic of that student. Arranging words in alphabetical order and changing single words to plurals is another ideal example of developing literacy skills while at same time dealing with the subject with which the student is familiar.

Grammar and punctuation

There are many comments today from employers that young people do not have a strong grasp of the basics of English language. It seems that their grammar and punctuation skills, not to mention the spelling, are far from satisfactory.

So it goes without saying that homework activities which educate and reinforce the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation can do nothing but good for the student today and most definitely for the future. There are all sorts of ways to improve a student's literacy without concentrating on the topic as such. For instance word games involving antonyms and synonyms help in many ways.

Being given a collection of words and having to make a sentence from those words with the correct punctuation and grammar can be a challenge. Simple things like when to use capital letters and how to change the meaning of the word using a prefix or suffix. Seemingly simple things but when understood and put into practice on a regular basis give the student a wonderful beginning through their literacy homework.

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